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It is an Intimate Event For No More Than 10 Entrepreneurs.

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Laurence Botha Business Coach

Laurence Botha

Dear Friend,

Google now makes 1 to 2 algorithm adjustments each day. 

With change happening that fast, the best efforts on the planet won’t help you without the right knowledge of what’s working today. 

My 'Businessman's Growth Events' are an intimate setting limited to just a few attendees. You’ll hear from myself, and on occasion, some other highly respected speakers in their specialties .

The Next Event is on November 13, in Pretoria, South Africa.

I’ll be talking about topics like how to:

  • Get your business message to the people who need to hear it
  • Streamline your content marketing 
  • Social media horror stories
  • SEO myths debunked 
  • and lots more... 

Nico Coetzee, Ex-CEO of Lloyds of London and founder of many Multi-Million Rand businesses, will be there to briefly speak to you about:

  • Hard work & Smart work
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Overcoming Procrastination and Avoiding The Complexity Trap. 

From the desk of:

MBA / BA (Hons) / CMA


Subject Laurence Speaks and Trains on

  • Business Growth
  • Sales
  • Inbound Marketing
  • ROI Marketing
  • Accountable Processes
  • Tech and Your Business
  • Steps To Success
  • Business Milestones
  • Know Your business
  • Know Your customer
  • Understanding KPI's in business
  • Mobility vs Mobile

Laurence Botha

Pretoria, SA

Alternatively you can join me on a 1 to 1 session. Just book 

  • Learn from top Business Growth Experts, Trainers, and Business Thinkers for the Modern Company - Excelling, innovating, and transforming business culture.
  • Bring your team... Inspire and Motivate yourself, and your top managers - Make every member of your team part of your company's success and development.
  • Rank among the best, expand your Brand, Stand Out  
  • And Celebrate your business on a global level.

Why Attend The Event?

  • The cost is R250
  • Fill in the Form and one of our team will contact you back with the process

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